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Tips for Hiring the Right Wedding DJ

AMOSPRO DJ Rob Mutzl (center) pictured with 4 couples he DJ’ed weddings for.


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Tips for Hiring the Right DJ for Your Wedding

While there are many important decisions to make when planning your wedding or special event, none may be as crucial to its success as the selection of a DJ. The role of a professional DJ is to not only play music that sets the mood, but to also take charge of the event timeline, ensuring all vendors are working together and all your requests are met. The DJ acts as the Master of Ceremony, gracefully guiding your guests from one spotlight moment to the next using both announcements and music. With just the right combination of both, your event will be memorable for both you and your guests.

Undoubtedly you’ve been to weddings or other events where guests pack the dance floor, clapping, singing, and dancing to popular music from every era that everyone knows. The mood is fun, exciting, and carefree. You’ve likely also been to events that are not quite so lively, where a canned list of “reception” music has cleared the dance floor and most guests watch from the sidelines or leave early. Instead of fun and entertaining, the DJ has created a not-so-special mood that encourages disengagement from the event.

So what should you look for and what questions should you ask when hiring a DJ? Amos Productions has compiled the following list of important things to consider when making your DJ decision.

Referrals from family and friends are a great way to start gathering a list of prospective DJs, as are referrals from your other vendors, such as photographer, event coordinator, and florist. Online sources, including Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Yelp are popular sites with honest opinions and first-hand experience with many different professional DJ services. Pay particular attention to DJs who have won recognition from The Knot or the Bride’s Choice Awards, as awards are given based on votes by actual clients. A word of caution however, about considering a DJ recommendation from your chosen venue, as some venues have commission relationships with specific DJs and you may not always get the best recommendation.

Most often, reputable, professional DJs have updated websites that offer a description of services, insight into their style, and contact options for requesting pricing and/or additional information. Many DJs do not post prices on their website because they prefer to learn more about your special event in order to customize services and pricing to best meet your needs.

The equipment used by the DJ is also important to the success of your event. Be sure their equipment is up-to-date, that their equipment meets your needs (i.e., wireless microphone, number of speakers suits your venue size, special electrical needs can be accommodated), and that back-up equipment is available if needed.

Always plan to meet with prospective DJs in order to assess personality and style, discuss what is most important to you, ask questions, and make connections. Base your DJ selection on the best personality fit for you as well as the style you hope to evoke at your special event. Listed below are some questions you may want to consider when making your DJ decision.

· Is the DJ you are considering well-qualified? How many weddings or other events has the DJ worked and do they have client testimonials they can share with you? Go online and read reviews about the DJ and the company to ensure you are hiring a reliable expert in the industry.

· Is the DJ you choose available on your event date? Make sure that DJ is the one who will be at your event and not one selected and sent by the company in general.

· What is the cost of DJ services and what exactly is included? If services other than the DJ are offered, does the company offer a multiple service discount? Does the fee include planning meetings, setup and strike fees, ceremony and reception music, microphones, and lighting? Are the fees quoted comparable to other local DJ services? Higher prices may be an indication of more professional service, better equipment, and other higher-end services, but if this is the case, the company should be able to justify the costs to their clients.

· Professional DJ companies offer clients written contracts that include the terms of the agreement and the cancellation policy. A signed contract is important to ensure the DJ will be at your event on-time and with all the right equipment, and that there is a back-up plan in place should the DJ not be able to make it or in the event of an equipment failure. A contract will confirm costs and payments, as well as indicate whether a retainer fee is required and if the retainer is refundable should your event be canceled or postponed. Be sure the DJ has full liability insurance, which protects you as well as the event venue in the unlikely event that something unexpected happens.

· Has the DJ worked other events at your venue? If so, the DJ will likely know the room configuration, the staff, electrical requirements, any unique challenges, and will therefore be well-prepared on the day of your event.

· Will the DJ act as the Emcee for your event and what is the DJ’s style on the microphone? What will he/she do if no one is dancing? Energize the crowd with the microphone or with careful song selection? How does music selection work? It is important that the music reflects you, that special song selections and requests are allowed, and the DJ is able to accommodate last-minute changes. These questions will help you decide if the DJ is a good fit for you.

Finally, the debate between hiring a DJ or a band may be a decision you make as well. A live band provides a much different experience than a DJ. A band typically has a larger sound system, requires more space and set-up coordination, interacts differently with the crowd, and is usually more expensive. Your DJ versus band decision may come down to what type of feel and experience you want for your wedding or event.

Jody Amos, owner of Amos Productions, has been in the wedding and event industry for over 20 years, has worked with many different vendors, knows what works and what doesn’t, and wants you to know why Amos Productions is the right choice for your event. “Amos Productions has many professional DJs with 10 or more years of experience. We continually train our staff on new technologies and innovative ideas in the industry as well as network with other professionals that help execute a perfect wedding or event. At Amos Productions, equipment is constantly upgraded and we provide our customers with a variety of planning tools to help customize your special wedding or event.”


View our Wedding Page: https://www.amosproweddings.com
Meet our DJs: https://amospro.com/meet-our-djs/
Attend Our Monthly Open House: http://amospro.com/open-house/
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20 comments on “Tips for Hiring the Right Wedding DJ

  1. Photo photographed by Mariea Rummel Photography 😉

  2. Jody Amos says:

    Yes! Thank you Mariea!

    Mariea Rummel Photography

  3. Wedding is one of the biggest moment of every person’s life. hire a right DJ on a right time is very important for your wedding.

  4. Thanks for this. I was wondering where I should start when it comes to a DJ or a band. I hadn’t considered finding a DJ that knew the wedding location already, making it a convenient and easy setup. Our wedding will be off the charts!

    1. Agree with last post. It is a must that you meet the DJ. Also doesn’t hurt to preview the DJ at a live event.

  5. Deanna Jones says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m glad that you brought up the importance of finding out about a DJ’s performance style before hiring one for your wedding. That seems important to know since they all have different styles. You’re right, you want their music selection to work with what you want going for your wedding, so that’s an important thing to find out. Taking these things into consideration will really help to get the right DJ for your wedding.

    1. Agree with all the comments here. Appreciate giving clients full awareness.

  6. I like what this says about meeting the DJ. Somebody could have high ratings as a DJ but might not suit your specific situation. That is definitely one of the best tips I’ve found thus far. Thanks you for sharing!

  7. The DJ company should be doing most of the listening. It is important to carefully listen to your clients needs before offering a service.

  8. Personal one-on-one is the best way to get to know your DJ. It is also important to have a personal connection with both the DJ and MC.

  9. It’s interesting how you mentioned finding the wedding DJs website for a portfolio of their work. If you are looking for a specific style this will help you know if they have it or not. It may also help to look to see if they have a team or if you’ll work with one person.

  10. Faylinn says:

    My wedding is in October and so I still have some time to do some planning. One of the things that I definitely want to include is having a DJ and a lot of music and so I really appreciate your tip about making sure that he or she is well-qualified. I never thought to check to see how many weddings or events they had done and so I think that that would be something that I would most definitely be interested in looking into.

  11. Chris says:

    Hello this are definitely good tips when looking for that right DJ for your wedding. All DJ’s are different with their prices and packages and if they can give you referaals of past customers who they did weddings for this is always an advantage. I am sure many newly engaged people looking to hire a DJ for their wedding could take some notes from this site. Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. Braden Bills says:

    It makes sense that you would want to choose the right DJ for a wedding. It’s a good idea to ask around to see if any of your friends have suggestions. When you have a list from that, it’s great to go to their website and see what their equipment is like.

  13. I like how you mentioned getting referrals from family and friends when looking for a wedding DJ. My fiance and I are planning the details of our wedding, and I’ve decided it would be nice to have someone in charge of the music. I have a few friends who have gotten married recently, so I’ll talk to them and see if they would recommend any DJs.

  14. I recommend one important thing to bride and groom. MEET THE DJ. Talk with DJ can get you more info that asking in email.

    It is the sound that makes the ambience more live on your wedding.

    Good ideas on choosing DJ

  15. Jillian says:

    I couldn’t agree more that selecting a DJ for the wedding is one of the most crucial decisions for the bride and groom. As mentioned, a DJ does more than just play music. Having a professional and experienced is a key aspect to having the bride and groom’s evening run smoothly. The DJ makes sure announcements are made throughout the night, adjustments are made to the music to make sure the mood is set, and they make sure the guests are engaged and having fun all night long! I also agree and think it is essential for the DJ to meet with their clients ahead of time. This allows the DJ to customize their approach, songs, and style to each clients needs and wants so that they have the wedding they always dreamed of!

  16. Zoe Campos says:

    Thank you for reminding me that we can always ask our friends and relatives for any referrals so we can finalize our list of prospective DJs. My fiance and I have decided that we’ll only hire a wedding DJ instead of a band, so we want to book someone weeks before our special day. I’ll try to send messages to my friends and see if they have anyone they can recommend.

  17. Thank you for sharing about these tips for hiring the right wedding Dj with us, these will be really helpful to many.. I love reading this blog; it talks so much about planning a great idea about it. Keep sharing such informative articles in future, will be appreciated.

  18. The blog has all the information on the tips for hiring the right wedding dj and in this particular blog you would get the best options which will surely relax your mind and will help you to use the best one. I would surely recommend others to go through this link.

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