Michael Gilmore

Michael Gilmore

February 15, 2017
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Level 2 DJ


Teen Events, Community Events, AV Tech

  • Work Since: 2016
  • Birthday: June 13
  • Status: In A Relationship
  • Fav Sport: Shot Put & Diskis, Giants Baseball
  • Fav TV Show: Park & Rec, How I Met Your Mother
  • Hobbies: Film Making, Hiking, Working Out
  • Fun Fact: I Am An Eagle Scout

Biography :

Michael was born and raised in Livermore, Ca. In the past, Michael has become an active member in the community by participating in flag ceremonies, veteran programs, and in camp counseling. He is currently enrolled at Las Positas/Chabot community college working toward his Associates Degree in humanities and social science. In the future, he hopes to transfer to a four year college, working toward his Bachelors degree in film studies. Michael was hired by Amos Productions in early 2016 as an event tech and beginner DJ. He has assisted in various aspects of our business and has completed his foundation training program to become a Level 1 DJ with Amos Productions.

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