John Harris

John Harris

March 20, 2017
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Level 3 DJ/MC


Weddings & Corporate Parties

  • Work Since: 1980
  • Birthday: October 9th
  • Status: Dad With Kids
  • Fav Sport: Basketball, Football & Baseball
  • Fav TV Show: NCIS & American Ninja Warrior
  • Hobbies: Dad With Kids
  • Fun Fact: I Love Roller Coasters

Biography :

DJ John Harris, Fremont CA – John has been spinnin’ tunes since 1984. Born and raised in San Francisco, John says he is a die hard California man! He has DJ’ed at hudreds, if not thousands of weddings, anniversaries, private parties and clubs all over the state. John started DJ’ing with Amos Productions back in 1996 and then took a couple years off to get married and have a couple kids. Although the technology has changed from when he first started, John is back out on the streets again with all the latest gadgets for DJs. John has a pure joy for DJ’ing events and seeing people dance to the music he plays. Give us a call to check his availabliliy and be sure to ask John if he has any upcoming public events as he enjoys picking up week day work at some local clubs and pubs.

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