Jeff Mackinnon

Jeff Mackinnon

February 15, 2017
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Video Producer


Weddings, Corporate & Event Videos

  • Work Since: 2000
  • Birthday: Feb 25th
  • Status: In A Relationship
  • Fav Sport: Go Giants!
  • Fav TV Show: Walking Dead
  • Hobbies: Bike Riding, Concerts & Giants Games
  • Fun Fact: I Was In A Linkin Park Music Video

Biography :

I grew up in the Santa Cruz Area until I was about 9. That’s when my family moved to La Quinta, CA. Since I can remember, I’ve loved Film. I started shooting skateboarding videos with my friends, and later went on to shooting a school TV show with a couple of my buddies. After high school, I decided to attend Brooks Institute of Photography, gaining a Bachelors of Arts in Video Production with an emphasis in Editing /Directing/Producing. After college, I worked on set with multiple directors in Hollywood Producing and Editing projects and really working one on one to execute corporate videos for companies such as: Red Bull, Animal Planet, ICV and MTV2. Making my way back up north, I’ve worked on many related media/production projects with CJ web Designs, New Image Media, Rockshot Productions, and AK Films. My main focus in all these roles have been on: Editing, lighting, mixing and color correction, audio recording, producing, transcoding, storytelling, editing raw source footage, and working with producers to finish production assignments to meet client needs. Since I was young, I’ve always had a passion for Film and Editing. The work I’ve done has afforded me with an incredible amount of growth in my media production knowledge and has provided a strong base for all my current work. Besides my work history, I really enjoy going to concerts and music festivals, being outdoors, finding awesome places to eat and discovering new things to do around the Bay Area, being with my family and friends, and going to SF Giants games!

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