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Tri-Valley Wedding Professionals

April 10, 2015
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Looking for a Wedding Professional? We have been working in the wedding industry since the early 90s, and we’ve had the pleasure to work with many great wedding vendors over the years. Below is a list of the best of the best Wedding Professionals in the San Francisco East Bay Area. As a professional gesture, please be sure to mention Amos Productions when you contact them.


ultra-spective photography     Anna Vickroy     925-449-9879     www.ultra-spective.com
YJM Photography     Yves M     510-382-0280     www.yjmphotography.com
Cauchi Photography     Bobbi Cauchi     800-675-9337     www.cauchi.com
Eli Photography     Eli Pitta     510-429-9525     www.eliphotographer.com
Danny Dong Photography     Danny Dong     408-429-0158     www.dannydong.com
Bel Inizio Photography     James Willard     925-833-2634     www.belinizio.com

Flower House     Jinger Leonard     925-960-1375     www.theflowerhouse.com
Delford West Flowers     Karl Eckel     925-606-8818     www.delfordwestflowers.com
Livermore Valley Florist     Sharon     925-443-3450     www.livermorevalleyflorist.com
Bloomies on Main     Sarah Velen     925-931-1290     www.bloomiesonmainca.com
Nicole Ha Designs     Nicole Ha     408-421-0388     www.nicoleha.com

Chris Thielen     Chris Thielen     925-980-6384     www.personalwedding.net
Weddings by Steve     Steve Siglin     510-697-5534     www.stevesiglin.com
Weddings by Hank     Hank Visscher     925-687-6591     www.weddingsbyhank.com
White Robed Monks     Father Robert Dittler     415-292-3228     www.whiterobedmonks.com

Caitlin Arnold Weddings & Events     650-229-8616     www.caitlinarnoldweddings.com
Events by Renee Rivera     510-798-9281     www.eventsbyreneerivera.com
Carolyn Wilson Events     925-315-9598     www.carolynwilsonevents.com


Checkers Catering     Sandee Munroe     925-968-1121     www.checkerscatering.com
On The Vine     Dave     925-518-7244     www.onthevinecatering.com
Wente Catering     Heather Jones     925-456-2425     www.wentevineyards.com
Scott’s Seafood     Jennifer Franklin     925-934-0598     www.scottswc.com

Cakes Delight     Fatema Nuruddin     925-373-7786     www.cakedelight.com
Shawna Bakes     Shawna Heiden     480-586-4268     www.shawnabakes.com

Elegant Touch of Strings     Sherry Lewis     925-625-4363     www.baysbest.com
Magnolia Jazz Band     Robbie Scholosser     408-245-9120     www.magnoliajazz.com


Black Tie Limousine     Joslyn Scarlett     925-730-0824     www.blacktietrans.com
4GQ Limousine     Jay Bhati     925-550-9989     www.4GQLimo.com

Pleasanton Rentals     Cherie Marini     925-468-0624     www.pleasantonrentals.com
Classic Party Rentals     Mike Mori      209-521-1530     www.classicpartyrentals.com
Napa Valley Linens     Diana Cardenas     925-459-0470     www.nvlinens.com


Wedding Paper Divas Online     866-594-1226     www.weddingpaperdivas.com
Papyrus Online     800-789-1649      www.papyrus.com
Tiny Prints Online     877-300-9256     www.tinyprints.com

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Pro DJ/MCs

April 6, 2015
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The multi-award winning Amos Productions has all of the key elements for producing successful events. Staffed with award winning DJ/MCs, Videographers and A/V Techs, we are dedicated to creating wonderful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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Cinematic Films

April 6, 2015
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Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life, and it will be here and gone in a flash. Beautiful imagery is very important to any video, but we feel capturing the sound of your vows, ring exchange and toasts are equally important (if not more so) for a quality film.

We take a very unique approach to our wedding films that will hopefully leave you breathless. Our 2017 packages includes 2 filmmakers, an edit of your full ceremony, all the toasts and speeches from your reception, and a very cinematic 6 minute highlight film of your wedding day.

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Videography: Capturing Every Moment Of Your Wedding Day

March 19, 2015
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*Check out some of our samples above to see and hear the quality of our work.

Capturing Every Moment Of Your Wedding Day

Creating the perfect wedding can take months of planning, organization, and coordination, while the actual day of your wedding often seems to fly by in an instant. Professional videography can capture every moment and detail of your special day, ensuring you have memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Why hire a professional videographer?

• Time Capsule
A videographer records all the special moments of your day and creates a treasured memory for you, your family, and future generations to enjoy for years to come. Professional videographers are trained to see “the big picture”, to record not only the bride and groom but also the myriad of other people and details that make your wedding day noteworthy. Your crazy uncle doing the Funky Chicken on the dance floor, your flower girls playing hide and seek behind the draping, the sound of your father’s laugh, and candid conversations wishing you well in your marriage are just a few examples of funny or special moments that may have been missed and will be surely treasured forever. While memories fade and loved ones grow old, videography captures moments, emotions, and people as they are on your wedding day for you to enjoy and cherish forever.

• Moments You Missed
No matter how hard you try to be everywhere and see everything on your wedding day, many noteworthy moments will be missed. A videographer captures the bride and bridesmaids getting ready in one area and the typical shenanigans of the groom and groomsmen dressing in another area. He will capture the intimate moments of the bride and groom waiting for their grand entrance into the reception as well as the wedding guests enjoying cocktail hour. With professional videography, every moment and every part of your wedding day can be relived over and over again.

• Motion Picture
The responsibility of a videographer is to create a motion picture of your wedding day. Their role is essential in capturing the sights, sounds, mood, and emotions that can transport you back to that special time every time you view the video.

Why cinematic vs. traditional video?

Cinematic video is the art of storytelling. It does that through images, speech, and music, shot in short clips rather than the traditional, consecutive documentation of every minute of your wedding day. The ultimate goal of cinematic video is to capture the mood and emotion of your wedding day, to tell a great story, your story, from beginning to end.

Why Amos Productions Video?

Our goal at Amos Productions is to capture your special day using the latest technology, equipment, and training by our professional videographers. While Smartphones can certainly record fun, impromptu videos of the day, they cannot compare to the quality recording, editing, and experienced videography that will ensure a professional result. Our top of the line video cameras allow our videographers to work with all types of lighting and audio scenarios. The Amos Production staff ensures that camera settings are correct and are experienced to both anticipate events and be ready for the unexpected, while keeping shots steady and avoiding bad angles or backdrops.

Amos Productions offers years of videography experience in both wedding and corporate video production. We are excited to tell your story in a non-intrusive, artistic, and professional way.

Be sure to click the green link above to request a quote, or feel free to contact our office by phone or email. 925-449-3847 or info@amospro.com

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Wedding Toasts & Speeches

March 19, 2015
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Writing a Best Man or Maid/Matron of Honor Speech

Delivering a wedding toast or speech should be fun, personal and from the heart. Remember, that you will probably be on video, so start preparing yourself to be in the spot light. If you are reading this, we assume you have been chosen to deliver a toast or speech to a bride and groom. To help you get started, we have included some tips on writing and delivering a speech.

Begin by writing down thoughts about the bride and groom and your relationship to them.

• How do you know them?
• Why did they choose you as best man or maid of honor?
• How would you describe each of them? What are the first five adjectives that come to mind?
• What was the groom like before he met the bride? How has he changed knowing her?
• How did they meet? How did the bride tell you about him?
• If you are married, you may want to share marriage advice you’ve received or have learned.
• Are there any particularly amusing anecdotes that illustrate who the bride and/or groom are?

Get creative and if appropriate, use humor to capture the attention of your audience and emotion to cause them to shed a tear. You may want to organize your speech into a top 3 or top 10 list, citing the top reasons why the Bride and Groom belong together. Another fun idea is to write your speech around a bag of items that you bring, handing off each item in the bag to either the Bride or Groom as you offer advice, thoughts, or humor related to each item.

Tips to remember when preparing your speech:

• Introduce Yourself – The Bride and Groom know who you are but probably most of the audience will not.
• Express gratitude – Thank the Bride and Groom for including you and all the guests in their special day.
• Compliment the Bride – It’s the Bride’s day; make her feel extra-special.
• Appropriate content – Make sure the content of your speech is appropriate for the audience.
• Limit your time – Stay on topic and limit your time to 3-5 minutes.
• Closing line – End with a beautiful romantic quote or a heartfelt comment.
• Prepare – Practice and use notecards if needed.

Tips for the day of the wedding:

• Know how to operate the microphone and don’t be afraid to use it.
• Work with the videographer to determine the best spot to deliver your speech.
• Speak clearly.
• Deliver your speech at a good pace – not too fast, not too slow.
• Limit your alcohol consumption prior to your speech.
• Be sure to raise a glass to the couple at the end of your speech.

Especially for the Maid/Matron of Honor

Your friend or family member asked you to be her Maid/Matron of Honor because you are special to her. She is trusting you to represent this special relationship in a speech to all the other guests. Be sure to take this responsibility seriously by preparing a speech and practicing. Speak from your heart, be yourself, and don’t feel pressured to be funny or sentimental or lengthy.

Especially for the Best Man:

Similarly, the Groom chose you to be his Best Man because you are significant in his life. Whether you choose to roast the Groom with a series of funny stories and anecdotes, take a more serious approach, or combine the two, it’s important to pay tribute to the Groom and his Bride. Be yourself and make sure to deliver a speech that reflects your genuine relationship with the Groom. The Best Man speech is generally expected to be humorous. Here is just one example:

I am happy to be here tonight. When the groom wanted a Best Man, he went to the smartest man he knew. When he said no, he asked the most handsome man he knew. When he said no, he asked the most popular man he knew. And finally after being asked 3 times, I agreed.

Amos Productions Event Services:

The key to a successful event is all in the planning stages. At Amos Productions, our staff of certified professionals have years of experience and advice to offer you. For just about every event we do, we help guide you through the planning stages and assist you in pulling together all of the details for a seamless result. Building a custom timeline, planning important formalities, selecting the right staff and equipment, as well as choosing the appropriate music for your event, are just some of our specialties. Our goal is to exceed your expectations before the event even begins. Our Monthly Open House is a great opportunity to learn more about our services.

Here’s to creating a memorable speech for a very special occasion. Cheers!

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